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You've come to the right place if you’re a music lover! We have a little bit of everything for musicians, artists, vendors, and fans.

Perhaps you are an up-and-coming musician/band, or maybe you are well-established with a massive following. Either way, we can help with your success! We provide a one-stop portal for all your promotional needs.

Maybe you’re an artist looking to increase your exposure and sell more of your creations. Possibly, you are a vendor that provides merchandise or services for those in the music industry. Please check out the vendors we are currently working with, Al Bane for Leather and Online Metal Promo. We can help broaden your network and connect you with potential new customers.  

If you’re a music fan who is interested in learning more about the bands we work with, explore below for exclusive content found only on MBM Music.

Lots of cool stuff going on here that you will not want to miss so check back often.

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Monthly Playlist Provided by Metal Babe Mayhem

MBM Music is pleased to Share the Metal Babe Mayhem Monthly Playlist with you on the 1st of each month. We hope you will enjoying listening to our Playlist. Feel free to share on your Social Networks.

March Playlist - Metalbabemayhem.com

METAL BABE MAYHEM MONTHLY PLAYLIST FOR MARCH 2018 SPONSORED BY INDIE SCENE RADIO Metal Babe Mayhem supports both local and national artists, and features 15 bands each month. Previous months are available as archives as well. Click HERE to submit a song for an upcoming playlist.

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Let us know what you think of the following statement...
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