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Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen has been focusing heavily on the fashion side of Metal Babe Mayhem for the past six years and feels it’s time to give equal attention to the services that she offers as a lifestyle company. She has partnered with Chris Mulford and put together a Core Team for her newest venture with MBM Music LLC. 

MBM Music is a brand new division of Metal Babe Mayhem (MBM). The main focus of MBM Music LLC is to offer independent artists Services that help them be seen and heard in places that they are not currently reaching. It is a separate division of MBM that focuses solely on the Services portion of MBM instead of Products, and it clearly defines what MBM Music LLC does to provide additional support for independent artists. 

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen and Metal Babe Mayhem have a proven track record and have worked with numerous artists on an interpersonal level and given them a platform to be seen and heard, while assisting with necessary products, services, and fashion, in an effort to increase exposure, fan base, and income.

MBM Music is a monthly subscription service that offers a variety of promotional services to artists including Spotlight, Band Bios, Interviews, Fundraising, Merchandise, Copy Editing, Press Releases, Band Discounts, Online Music Play, Sponsored Shows, Logos/Graphics, and Website Development. 

Alison has aligned MBM Music with affiliates who share the same business ethics and
vision as she does, creating a strong network in both music services and products. Some of the Service affiliates include hair/make-up, special FX make-up, band photographers, videographers, recording engineers, mixing engineers, booking agents, and graphic designers. Some of the Product affiliates include t-shirts, buttons, guitar picks, stickers, baseball caps, patches, podcasts, 8x10’s, banners, flyers, and bandanas, in addition to other clothing and jewelry.   

Introducing The MBM Music Team

Alison Masson / CEO

Alison Masson / CEO

Alison“MetalBabe” Cohen, has been living and breathing rock n’ roll since she went to her first rock concert when she was 11 years old. After feeling the energy and excitement of a live show, she knew her life was never going to be the same.

Alison grew up in St. Charles, MO and has been living in Los Angeles, CA since 2004. She first began her career in music and fashion by managing Glad Rags rock n’ roll clothing store in St. Charles. She also interned for Hi Frequency, a music marketing company based out of Chapel Hill, NC, where she promoted bands such as Buckcherry, Staind, Limp Bizkit, Clutch, One Minute Silence, and Kent.


Since Alison was a little girl listening to bands like Motley Crue and Poison sing about the Sunset Strip, she knew that was where she belonged. It was a tough decision to leave her friends and family behind, but she decided to follow her dreams to Hollywood. She got a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/Communications and moved to Hollywood, CA as soon as she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

She hit the L.A. scene hard and began making a name for herself immediately. In just over a year, she developed Metal Babe Mayhem and the lips/bones logo. Within the next few years she began writing professional music reviews and interviews for a few print/online magazine, including Rock City News and All Access Magazine, and she created her first items for Metal Babe Mayhem to sell… A guitar pick necklace, and a t-shirt with the lips/bones logo on it.

After putting her blood, sweat, and tears info Metal Babe Mayhem for the past 11 years, they have close to 200 products available online. Metal Babe Mayhem’s Blog site also houses hundreds of interviews/reviews that Alison has written, and as part of the lifestyle portion of Metal Babe Mayhem, she has been putting out a monthly playlist since January of 2015 showcasing both local/unsigned artists and national acts.  Metal Babe Mayhem has established a worldwide fanbase and following, and is extremely grateful for all of the support.

Since Alison has been focusing so heavily on the fashion side of Metal Babe Mayhem for the past six years, she felt it was time to start focusing more on the services that she offers artists. Together, with her business partner Chris Mulford, they decided to put together a promotional company that will make artist promotion easy and affordable. She is really excited about this vision and is ready to continue taking over the world with MBM Music LLC.

Chris Mulford / VP of Operations

Chris Mulford / VP of Operations

Chris Mulford's decades of experience starting and managing companies of all sizes gives him an unique perspective on what it takes to run a successful business. He believes that everyone has unique gifts and strengths that can make them valuable to a company. It is his job to draw those strengths out and place people into positions where they can succeed. He also firmly believes that leading with vulnerability and transparency is what makes a strong leader.
Growing up in a musical family in the Midwest, Chris was raised with the likes of The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and The Carpenters playing on the family record player. Even earlier memories are of organ music bellowing from the 7,000 pipes of the massive Casavant Organ at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Dayton, Ohio Sunday mornings.
He received voice training when he was nine and was a member of the venerable Boys Choir of the St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Lebanon, Ohio. Emulating his Grandad, an accomplished jazz pianist, Chris studied piano and developed a firm understanding of music theory and history. 
Fortunately, his exposure to music was rapidly expanded when his best friend's brother introduced him to bands like The Who, Pink Floyd, Cream, and Led Zeppelin. His entire world was transformed the first time he heard Pink Floyd's ‘The Wall’ played through a set of headphones. 
In college, while studying for his Philosophy/Marketing Degree, he took up acoustic guitar and formed a percussion band, The Cheez Wiz. Exploring percussion further, he built his own drum learning Native American techniques and rituals from a full-blooded American Indian.
He loves graphic design, and his style gravitates towards The Bauhaus Movement. One of his favorite exercises is creating logos because he loves transforming the complex into something simple. This philosophy he has transferred to his approach to running a business, which is, constantly discover and implement ways to do and business process more simply.
Throughout college he was able to enjoy live concerts from an eclectic mix of tastes from The Grateful Dead, U2, The Rollins Band, Bruce Springsteen, Ziggy Marley, Sinead O'Conner, and Jane's Addiction to name a few. He also has always followed the local scene and enjoyed introducing his friends to new acts.
Married to the love of his life for over 20 years, he loves being a Dad to a daughter soon to graduate from high school. He is also President of mConsultant Group, a company he founded on the premise that small business should have access to the technology that give large corporations a competitive edge.

Jaz Eastman / Administrative Support Manager

Jaz Eastman / Administrative Support Manager

Jaz Eastman is from a small town in New Zealand called Paekakariki. She first fell in love with live music when she was around about 18 years old after seeing Pantera for the first time. Not too many bands came to New Zealand, so she started traveling to see shows. This is when her love for live music and travel emerged. She eventually moved to Melbourne, Australia and lived there for four years. 

In addition to music and travel, Jaz has always had a love for Halloween and channeled that love into creating special SFX make-up for film, mostly in the horror genre. Jaz has been living in Los Angeles the past four years and continues to use the world as her playground to see as many live shows as possible and travels across the country (or the world) for music any chance she gets. Jaz has been a member of #TeamMetalBabe for quitesome time and is excited to be part of the new MBM Music Team. 

Michelle Nugent / Project Manager

Michelle Nugent / Project Manager

Michelle Nugent, also known as “Hippie Chick,” is a Los Angeles native who loves all kinds of music. She has always been all about helping those in need on any level, and has spent her entire career working in both the music and medical industries. After completing most of her courses for a medical degree, she came across the opportunity to start working in the music industry at the legendary North Hollywood club FM Station during its prime. She ended up working with them for over a decade, starting out as a server, and moving up to office manager/booking agent. She was also a part of the Exposure-54 promotions team with Dave and Renee Maxx.

Michelle loved working in that type of environment because everybody was there, and it was the place to be. She was the first one to see all the up-and-coming bands, and she loved it. 

Michelle decided to go back to school and finish her medical degree, and has been working in the medical field ever since. Because of her love for music, Michelle has been working behind the scenes for the past few years doing music related stuff in her free time. Even though it’s ‘work,’ working in the music industry was always fun for Michelle and she is excited to be part of the MBM MUSIC Core Team.

Erica Koltonow / Social Media Manager

Erica Koltonow / Social Media Manager

Erica Koltonow first started following her dream of working in the music industry in high school when she wrote for a local music magazine. After high school, she was fortunate to be hired as a College Marketing Rep for BMG Entertainment. She had total creative freedom to promote Artist's on college campuses and put on special events in record stores, utilize college radio, and host meet n’ greets to create a buzz around a band, show, or new release. Music to Erica has never felt like just a job, it is a way of LIFE! 
Erica Koltonow founded Aural Pleasure Music in 1997, which focused on band management, promoting music/events, and getting bands signed to major and indie labels. She joined forces with Dana Forrester in 1998 and they successfully executed industry showcases across the U.S. and put on four "Detroit Future Platinum Showcases" at Austin's SXSW. With the success of all the events and projects over the years, Erica Koltonow moved to Hollywood in 2005 to be closer to the heart and soul of the music that she was so close to. Her business partner Dana Forrester stayed in Detroit and still uses Aural Pleasure Music for certain projects.
Music Frenzy Entertainment was founded after relocating to Hollywood following a major label signing of Detroit Artist Hush who signed to Geffen Records after showcasing and shopping Hush for the good part of a year. Music Frenzy Entertainment combines consulting, management, marketing, event promotion, and publicity in a modern style that creates branding for bands, companies, and events. Music Frenzy Entertainment also puts together special fundraisers for charities and industry showcases.
In 2004 Erica promoted and managed national Guns N’ Roses tribute band Hollywood Roses (signed to Deadline/Cleopatra Records). Fronted by Colby Veil, songs from Hollywood Roses debut Record ‘Dopesnake’ (featuring members of LA Guns, The Dwarves, Motochrist, Faster Pussycat, The Throbs, NY Loose, Cinderella and more) have been used in movie trailers/soundtracks including Attitude For Destruction and Easy Rider: The Ride Back.
Currently Erica focuses on marketing/promotion by means of social media for an entertainment company and a ticket broker company, as well as for bands and artists. She also is a major supporter of working with others to put together non-profit fundraising events and created "Play it Forward" in 2017 for that purpose.
Teaming up with MBM Music is the most exciting new venture to date for Erica, and she didn't think twice about heading back to Hollywood, (after returning home to Detroit for a bit) ready for the biggest and best rock n’ roll chapter of her career. The potential accomplishments and possibilities of this team are endless as well as limitless, and will pave the way for artists to excel in an industry where currently success can only be had by using custom creative unique methods of branding, grass roots marketing, and much more.  "This MBMM Team that's been hand-picked is going to be unleashed October 15th and the potential of what's next has me so excited for the future!"

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MBM Music Vision Statement
To provide independent artists a platform to be seen and heard, while assisting with necessary products, services, and fashion, in an effort to increase exposure, fan base, and income.

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