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Band WorkHub
Do you ever feel like you have to use five different forms of communication just to talk to your band? Does it get confusing keeping track of texts, phone calls, emails, FaceBook messages, etc.? With the MBM Music Band WorkHub you can now easily communicate with your entire band in one place! You can put up a quick note about band practice, or ask if a specific date works for an upcoming gig. 

You can also store and share information in the Workhub… Say you just did a band photoshoot and you’re trying to figure out the best photos to use. Just put them all in the Workhub and the entire band will have easy access to view and choose their favorite pics! 

There are quite a few advantages of having all of your band members and info in one place. With MBM Music we will show you just how easy communicating with your band can be! 

Social Media Exposure
It’s always great to get additional social media exposure, and that’s exactly what we will do for you! We will give your update, news, or event special attention on Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook for BOTH Metal Babe Mayhem and MBM Music! We will post on ALL six of our social media sites for you up to 6x a year! Just email your update to info@mbmmusicllc.com and we will take it from there! 

Flyers Design  
We all know the importance of a good flyer! And with all the different mediums these days, it’s hard to know exactly what size to make the flyer, once you have the artwork figured out. Let MBM Music handle the creation/design of your flyers so you can focus on creating and promoting your music! 

Logo Refresh
Are you tired of looking at the same ‘ol logo and ready for something new and refreshing? At MBM Music we understand the importance of branding and can take a look at your current logo and come up with a way to refresh it so it’s new and exciting without losing the feel you’ve created for your band.  A band is like a company, the best ones have a specific branding that is recognizable and replicable. Let us help you create you band brand.

Album Art
Have an idea or concept for your upcoming album that you want to see become a reality? MBM Music can do just that for you. Email us your ideas, concept, and simple sketch. After a brief consultation we will figure out the best way to proceed so you have brand new artwork that you are happy with for your album. Utilizing our extensive understanding of colors and forms let us help you communicate with your fans through your album art.

Webpage Update
MBM Music knows how fast things change when you’re in a band and how important it is to not only stay up on these changes, but to keep your fan base informed. Just email us at info@mbmmusicllc.com (up to 4x a year) when you want to update your page. We are happy to swap out pictures, videos, links, etc. or update your bio as needed. Just let us know and we will make the changes for you! 

Press Release
MBM Music offers two Press Releases a year as part of the Premium and Deluxe MBM Music Packages. When your band has some exciting news, such as a new album, show, band member, video, merchandise, etc. that you are excited about and want to give an extra push for, just email info@mbmmusicllc.com the news, links, photos, and any other information you would like to include. We will publish the Press Release on MetalBabeMayhem.com’s Blog Site and Share it on all of our Social Media Sites!

If you already have a finalized Press Release, just email us the completed release and we will be happy to put that up on Metal Babe Mayhem’s Blog Site as well.
*Please give us at least one week’s notice prior to the Release Date

MBM Music Spotlight
One of the many perks that MBM Music offers is the chance to be Featured on our Music Spotlight! ALL bands who are part of the MBM Music Network will be eligible for entry to our monthly MBM Music contest where fans choose which band is chosen for the Monthly Spotlight. Spotlight will be on the home page and includes

Musician/Band Bio
As part of the Deluxe and Premium Packages we will update your current Bio or even write your Bio from Scratch! All you need to do is send us what you currently have for us to update, along with any recent news/updates you would like to include, and we will put our magic touch on it so you have a brand new promotional tool on MBM Music’s website and that you can use for any of your band’s needs. If you don’t have a current Bio, that’s okay too! We’ll email you a few questions to get us started and then put it together for you from scratch! 

Interview via Email
Have you seen Metal Babe Mayhem’s Blog Site? Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen has interviewed hundreds of local and national musicians, and now it’s your chance to be part of this exclusive network. As part of the Deluxe Package, Alison will personally email you an interview and give it a permanent home on the official Metal Babe Mayhem website!    
All you have to do is reply to Alison’s email with your answers, and send photos (6) and Links (3) that you would like to include. We can also embed a video for you so it plays right on the website in your interview!  Just send us the link! 

Guaranteed Spot on the MBM Music Playlist
The Metal Babe Mayhem Monthly Playlist has received such a great response since its creation in January 2014 that we wanted to keep the momentum going with MBM Music! Depending on whether you have a Deluxe or Premium Package, you will either receive two or four guaranteed spots a year on our Playlist! All you need to do is email your band’s Spotify Link and the month you would like it up to info@mbmmusicllc.com and it will Stream for that month!    

Online Music Play
MBM Music works with a variety of online radio stations and will keep an ear out for any opportunities that seem like a good fit for your music and your band. Anything is possible when you’re working with MBM Music, and we will ALWAYS have your best interest in mind. 

Band Webpage
MBM Music offers musicians their own webpage with a unique URL. Depending on which package you choose, (Standard, Premium, Deluxe) you will have the option to include a band bio, photos, links, videos, and more! This is a great opportunity for musicians who do not have an official website, and will definitely help with additional exposure even if you do!   

Sponsored Shows
MBM Music will Sponsor your live shows and give shout outs on both Metal Babe Mayhem and MBM Music’s Social Media (FaceBook/Twitter/Instagram) advertising your show, and helping with increased exposure/ticket sales (when applicable). We can even go FB Live for a song at your show if we have someone on our FB Live Team in your area!

15% Discount on Metal Babe Mayhem’s Website
Metal Babe Mayhem has hundreds of products for sale online, including rock n’ roll clothing, jewelry, and accessories.  

By being a member of The MBM Music Network, you will
receive a special discount code for 15% off  EVERYTHING at MetalBabeMayhem.com. 

Custom-Made Merchandise
MBM Music can print your band merchandise using our Metal Babe Merch division. We have competitive pricing, minimal setup fees, and high-quality merchandise. We offer a wide variety of products including men's and women's T-shirts/Tank Tops, unisex Hoodies (zipper and pullover), hats (knit or baseball/trucker), tote bags, and embroidered patches. T-Shirts/Tank Tops/Hoodies are available in a large range of sizes (S to 5X) and in a variety of colors. We can also assist with artwork/logo design as needed.

Want to record an album or go on tour but just don’t have enough money for what you need? MBM Music is happy to set up Fundraising for your band so you can get closer to where you want to be, accomplishing your goals and following your dreams. Offering your fans special perks and rewards while they help you with startup costs can be very rewarding for both the musicians and the fans. However, this process is very time consuming and requires constant attention and updates. It's important to continuously engage with your current supporters while seeking new ones. MBM Music will set up this entire process, manage through completion, and even assist with fulfillment if needed!  

Website Building
With all of the social media and music streaming sites available at this time, it may not seem important to have an official website. However, we firmly believe in the importance of your own website and a professional online presence. MBM Music offers website building from scratch and can update your current website as needed.  We can also assist with SEO and increased online rankings. 

Online Music Sales
Once you have professionally recorded music, it’s important to have your music for sale online. MBM Music can set up your music for sale/streaming on all of the major music sites including Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, IHeartRadio, Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby, etc. 

FaceBook Live
MBM Music is in the process of building a worldwide FB Live Team to help bands Be Seen and Heard. As part of the Deluxe Package we will go FB Live during at least one song yearly during your live performances. *We need at least one week's notice before your show so we can plan accordingly, and can only go FB Live for your show if we have a FB Live Team Member in your area. 

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MBM Music Vision Statement
To provide independent artists a platform to be seen and heard, while assisting with necessary products, services, and fashion, in an effort to increase exposure, fan base, and income.

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