Ron Lyon Photo

Ron Lyon Photo

I love Metal Babe Mayhem and everything that Alison and her company stand for. I’ve worn Metal Babe Mayhem all over the world onstage, and I wear it in the comfort of my own home too. I am really looking forward to what is coming next for Alison. I have no doubt it will be awesome.
— Tracii Guns of LA Guns

Metal Babe Mayhem is awesome! When I first saw the lips and crossbones design, I had to be a part of it. I’ve worn Metal Babe gear onstage on many tours, and Alison even created some custom red shirts for me! I also rock the Metal Babe/Al Bane for Leather ‘Studded Star’ guitar strap at every gig. Metal Babe Mayhem is rock n’ roll style and Alison is a pleasure to work with!
— Jeff Duncan of Armored Saint/DC4/Odin
Photo by Stock Custom Media

Photo by Stock Custom Media

Photo by Getty Images Gabriel Olsen

Photo by Getty Images Gabriel Olsen

I first met Alison ‘MetalBabe’ Cohen at an industry event in Hollywood, and it is no surprise that we ended up working together and creating clothing brands under her Metal Babe Mayhem lifestyle label. Alison and I had an instant connection, both personally and professionally, and we bonded on our creativity, energy, vision, and Girl Power! As an Actress, Scream Queen, and Celebrity Life and Dating Coach and Expert, I had been approached by several clothing companies to market my brands, but none had resonated with me or my messages and mission...until Metal Babe Mayhem!

Alison and her company were in full support of my career and branding commitments. Alison and I had so much synergy, from our mission for Female Empowerment to our love for Lips and Skulls! Our brands meshed perfectly and went on to partner on three brands...'Rock Your Hot Mess', 'Ms, Vampy Design,' and 'Scream Queen Brooke Lewis.' "MetalBabe" also has incredible professionals in her MBM stable, like our Pinup Designer, Bill Bronson. Alison has proven to be one of the most loyal, tenacious, and hardworking business partners I have had, and I am proud to call her a dear friend, beyond any working relationship we have. I am excited to see what she creates and conquers next with MBM Music!
— Brooke Lewis

We, at Indie Scene Radio, have been working promotions with MBM since 2013. We couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve made together over the years, and we are looking forward to many more years of success and great music!
— Gerg Anidem of Indie Scene Radio

Learn more about  Online Metal Promo

Learn more about Online Metal Promo

Alison ‘MetalBabe’ Cohen is the consummate professional. Super attentive, always on point, asking great questions, providing full support to bands and the rock/metal music scene. A true diamond in the music business. Can somebody please clone her and make 1,000 more of her?
— The Lord of PR of Online Metal Promo

Alison ‘MetalBabe’ Cohen is absolutely an amazing person to know and work with in the music industry because she sincerely loves music, wants to see good bands succeed, and has a lot of great connections. She is a rock n’ roll journalist, has a clothing and merchandise line, and happens to be one of the most literate individuals I have ever met. Alison has greatly helped my band LIT SOUL since 2010. Thank you so much Alison!
— Rob Chevelle of LIT SOUL

Alison Masson is completely dedicated to what she believes in, and always gets the job done in a timely and professional manner.
Alison has helped me with many projects that I would not have been able to accomplish on my own, including Eighties Rockers for Tsunami Relief, Southern California Outreach Medical Group, Ronda Rousey VIP Meet & Greet benefiting So Cal Underprivileged Musicians Medical Fund with Mandy Lion… The list goes on.
I think that Alison’s new vision, MBM Music, is an excellent idea because it simply puts all of the awesome rock n’ roll services she has been offering all along in one convenient place.
— Al Bane of Al Bane for Leather

The RoadKill are so thankful to be working with Alison ‘MetalBabe’ Cohen since 2013. Alison is so dedicated and reliable; she is truly by THE MOST IMPORTANT contact for The RoadKill’s success in the U.S. We’re really proud to be working with MBM and looking forward to continued worldwide success together. We SALUTE you and love you dear Alison.
— Morten Moen of The Roadkill

There is no one in the current Southern California hard rock/metal community that works harder for what they strive to accomplish than Alison. Her unwavering passion and support does nothing but benefit artists, promoters and most importantly, the fans.
— Edward Cieplinski of The House Of Metal

I have been involved professionally with Alison Masson and Metal Babe Mayhem for many years. She is a trusted friend and seasoned professional partner. Alison Masson has consistently demonstrated the professional and personal integrity that is needed in the music industry. With her new enterprise, MBM Music LLC, she is bringing all of that to the table, offering a variety of professional services with the musicians needs first.

I look forward to working with MBM Music and utilizing their services for my music career because of their professional integrity and the MBM Music team’s extensive experience working with artists. I highly suggest any and all artists/musicians do the same.
— Tony Lepre of Sloka/Maleki Theory/Stone Cyn Hyw/P.A.I.D./Attack of the Rising/ALLYOUCANEAT Music

I have been revamping shirts for about eight years, and recently started selling them thanks to Alison encouraging me to go for my dream. I’ve always been a big supporter of Metal Babe Mayhem and am really excited to be able to work with them to revamp shirts.
— Tonya Braden of Revamped by Tonya

I’ve known Alison a long time and she definitely knows what she’s doing. I’ve seen her build Metal Babe Mayhem from the ground up. She started with nothing but an idea over ten years ago, and I seem to see it everywhere these days. It’s great to be part of the Team!
— Ronny North

‘Metal Babe,’ AKA Alison Masson, IS Rock N’ Roll! A true dedicated goddess of knowledge and promotion of today and yesterday’s music scene. She delivers professionalism, dedication, and passion in everything she does. I’m not only a client, I’m a FAN.
— Carlos Cruz of Stonebreed
Photo by Eddy Schneider III

Photo by Eddy Schneider III

Bill Genco, MBM Music, LLC, Alison "MetalBabe" Cohen, You Create, We Promote. Plug into The Network.
I’m always proud to wear my Metal Babe Mayhem swag! The quality is second to none, and Alison is always coming up with something new and exciting. Alison has become a good friend and it’s always fun to hang out and rock with her at a show!
(Pictured from Left to Right: Alison Masson/Boo McClain/Bill Genco/Jaz Eastman)
— Bill Genco

It is a pleasure to collaborate (with MBM), and cross promote our local events to help emerging and seasoned artists broaden their audience, getting closer in reaching their dreams, and develop a genuine sense of community.
— Jessica Wilson Cardenas of Los Angeles Poet Society
Learn more about  LA Poets Society

Learn more about LA Poets Society

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Alison is an absolute professional! Aggressive, passionate, and fierce! As a contributing author for Sin City Presents Magazine Alison doesn’t wait for the story to come to her. She seeks out the stories our readers want and delivers every time!
— Genie L. Huff-Forkner of Sin City Presents Magazine

Working with Alison has been a great business collaboration. She is dedicated, forward thinking, and a true go-getter. She is a tireless contributor and advocate to the music scene; she lives and breathes it!
— Debbie Henderson of guitarclef®

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Alison Masson of Metal Babe Mayhem puts her all into any and every project she is involved with. Alison is a professional, and a hard worker. She gets the job done… Large or small. We have enjoyed working with her the last few years and hope to work with her for many to come.
— Dale Lytle of Angeles

As one of the Promotion Managers for KSSI radio station I’m always looking for ways to get our promotions out there, and working with Alison from Metal Babe Mayhem has been a great working relationship. Whether it’s for a charity group or just a radio promotion, she always has great ideas to help promote the event and band.
— Don Fredette of KSSI FM

Norma O'Bryan - Discount Draperies.jpg
Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen is one of the hardest working individuals I know, and I admire all of her hard work. Her dedication to the job at hand, and determination to get it done right the first time are exceptional. She makes lists; sets goals and reaches them. She is living her dream and I am lucky to know her and call her my sister.
— Norma O’Bryan of Discount Draperies

I have worked with Alison for the past few years on and off in various capacities. She is trustworthy, always follows through, and is a pleasure to work with.
— Tony West of Blacklist Union
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Suzy Wilson KoD RRFC.jpg
Alison Masson and Metal Babe Mayhem are the complete package. She has awesome clothing, jewelry, and accessories, and she promotes up & coming bands/artists on her monthly playlist, supports charity events like Cruefest Hollywood with MBM goodie bags, interviews ‘Rock Stars’, and so much more. She also comes out to shows to support local/national artists. She’s awesome.
— Suzy Wilson/Suzy Wilson Music

We are both so happy that you have put your Marketing/Communications Degrees to good use. Seeing how much you care for people is additional evidence that the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’ Thank you for all the copyediting you have done for me. Our best wishes for your continued success in this new endeavor.
— Love, Mom and Dad (Jack and Laura Cohen)

I waited a lifetime to play The Whisky A Go Go and MBM Music LLC made that happen for me! MBMM made one of my biggest dreams come true and I am forever grateful.
— Bob Dee/Bob Dee with Petro

Working with MBM is fantastic. So many more doors have opened for The Militants. The marketing is really good and Alison Masson has done a brilliant job handling so many things for The Militants. It gives me more freedom to focus on songwriting and recording albums. I am very Happy to have signed up with MBM. She is very Dedicated about The Militants and we both are always in communication about what we are going to do next. MBM keeps me active. I really believe in what she does and the all the good music biz she has done for The Militants. It is a good music promotion company to work with. The Militants are mighty metalized to be one of her artists. It is a win win situation for the both of us.
— The Militants

DA+VANG Small.jpg
They have done an incredible job of promoting our band and gaining new awareness for our music. Not to mention getting us into some new markets.
— Ross Knapp/DaVang

We have a very good management company standing with us and behind us, putting our music out there where the people are. They are MBM Music. They live their mission statement of, “You create. We promote. Plug into the network.” Their professionalism and knowledge makes them a pleasure to work with. They work seemingly as non-stop with their craft as we do. We recognize and respect that.
— Staren Black
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There is one reason in particular to work with MBM Music and it seems so simple but is not always the case. They actually LOVE music.
— Prophets Of Addiction

...at the core, MBM Music is always about the artist and making them shine. Their professionalism, along with their innovation and Industry knowledge, is always top notch. They are the model of today’s modern music promotional service...making being in the business all worth it.”
— Mick Michaels/Corners of Sanctuary/The Cosmick View
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davang SMALL.jpg
Our band DaVang was well known in Vietnam, but virtually unknown in the USA. We were starting from ground zero to establish our name and get our music recorded and released. After learning about MBM Music LLC and signing on with them that all changed. The first thing they did was get us exposure through interviews and live shows. Then they introduced us to a very well-known producer (worked with Slayer and WASP) who is helping us refine our recording and completing the final mix for our album. The next steps will happen this year after the recording is completed. In a business where the “next step” is very foggy, MBM Music LLC has given us a clear vision of our goals to get our music recorded and heard.
— Ross Knapp/DaVang

Alison and MBM Music, are at the top of their game, and on top of their clients’ needs! We have nothing but good things to say about MBM music and are very happy about our relationship with their music promotion company!!!
— Cooter Brown

MBM Music is a step in the right direction for an artist!
— Peace Of Blues

Working with Alison and MBM has been an extreme pleasure. She is a very knowledgeable rocker chick and is fun to work with.
— Leah Burlington Photography

I love everything that MBM has been doing in support of us. Their professionalism is equal to our own and we respect that. Staren Black supports that!
— Frank Black/Staren Black

Working with MBM gets us in front of many people and bands we possibly wouldn’t interact with otherwise and they make it so easy to connect and assist bands and other clients who need tech support, but don’t always know who to trust or even where to begin when they need very real, urgent help. Rock on MBM!
— Callan Hackstaff/Cohesive Support

It’s been great working with MBM! Alison and her staff have created many new opportunities for us!
— Defining 13

I would like to thank Alison Masson and the MBM Music Team for all the kick ass work they do for War Within and the Bands on the MBM Team. Thank you for keeping the Metal scene alive.
— Jeff Baldonado

It’s not enough these days for rock bands to just tour.. You need a good team and promotion behind you to have a successful tour.. Alison Masson and MBM Music deliver! I highly recommend Alison and her Team.
— Bob Dee/Bob Dee with Petro

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