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On Bad Boy Eddy’s album “Over The Top,” the 1980s are back, and they are back in hard-rocking style. This high-octane outfit plays 80s flavored Rock n’ Roll that is hard, sleazy, and fun, bringing to mind the best hair-days of bands like Van Halen and Skid Row. The music is old-school in a very good way, and it’s played with a lot of flair and fire, while the lyrics definitely have a dirty mind as well as  a wicked sense of humor. (Listen to “Funky Monkey” and you’ll know what I mean).
     Bad Boy Eddy is made up of five experienced musicians out of California: Eddie Vega on lead vocals, Dave Saker on lead guitar, Rob Peterson on guitar, Steve Jones on bass, and Larry Bernal on drums. The quintet shows off some massive classic hard rock skills, with riffs that rough you up and rub you down, and a rhythm section that can just about floor you. Putting the finishing touch on all that is Vega’s terrific vocals: he can howl and growl, soar, snarl, or sneer, whatever the situation calls for.
     “Over The Top” (which is a perfect name for this album by the way) is pretty much a party soundtrack from start to finish. There are some killer tunes right up front, starting off with the hot and strutting “Fever” with some great raunchy guitars and Vega putting it all into the vocals; the high energy, guitar-driven power-pack “She Gives Me A Feeling”; and my own favorite, the sleaze-rocking anthem “I Don’t Want You.” I just love the power and defiance in Vega’s voice on this track. “Super Sonic Freak” is another keeper, coming at you with an almost Judas Priest-like menace to the vocals and the music. 
     The rest of the album keeps it rocking and rolling. Rough and tumble tunes with a decidedly raunchy sense of humor like the Van Halen-esque “Funky Monkey,” and “Rad Ruby” are just further examples of how to bring back the 80s in a much better way than with neon leg-warmers and bad perms.
     Bad Boy Eddy have put together an album that is decidedly retro-flavored, but doesn’t feel played out or derivative, because the band puts their own heavy rocking heart into the performances and have the musical to make it genuine. Bad Boy Eddy has opened for Jack Russell’s Great White, Faster Pussycat, Uli Jon Roth, Pat Travers, Michael Schenker, Lizzy Borden, Ron Keel, and The Black Crowes…. Just to name a few!

Bad Boy Eddy Band Members:

  • Eddie Vega – Lead Vocals
  • Dave Saker – Lead Guitar /  Vocals
  • Rob Peterson – Guitar / Vocals
  • Larry Bernal – Drumshops                                                                                                                     
  • Steve Jones – Bass / Vocals


  • Saturday, April 28th 2018 - 7 Miles Of Rough Road 2018 PART ONE - 7 Mile House Hallwood - Marysville, CA
  • Saturday, July 28th 2018 - Cruefest - The Whisky - West Hollywood, CA. 
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Bad Boy Eddy "Funky Monkey" Official Music Video Video Created by : Rockin Ryan

BAD BOY EDDY: "Supersonic Freak" Music Video Director/Editor by Mike Sloat. Music and lyrics were written by Dave Saker and Derek Davis.

Bad Boy Eddy - Misery
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  Eddie Vega and Dave Saker

Eddie Vega and Dave Saker

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