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About Bob Dee with Petro:

Bob Dee with Petro is New York City's premier rock band that has a sound reminiscent of Cheap Trick and has developed a significant worldwide fan base, as well as selling CDs and Videos on all major Internet sites worldwide. The band consists of Bob Dee (singer/guitarist), TJ Jordan (guitar). Alison Jones (bass), and Scott Campbell (drums). With their tireless touring schedule worldwide, the band never sleeps.  Bob Dee, who has been billed as "The International Pop-Star," has toured Japan, Europe, Canada, the East Coast, and the West Coast. Bob Dee with Petro rocked both SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas and Kansai Music Festival in Osaka, Japan. In addition the band released a film documentary in fall of 2016 of that Japanese tour! The band's hard driven melodic pop resonates well with fans worldwide.

Bob Dee recently completed a rocking UK tour from Newcastle to London in the summer of 2017, playing support for former WASP guitarist Chris Holmes. Dee’s UK lineup includes Ade Fisher (guitar), Norm Appleby (bass), and Paul AT Kinson (drums). 

Bob Dee with Petro’s newest album ‘Killstar’ was released April 4th, 2018 on AMG/SONY Records. This time around the band enlisted veteran producer Lou Giordano (Goo Goo Dolls, Taking Back Sunday, Plain White T's) to help mix. The 10-song album features hit singles "Fight" and "Breakdown."

Let’s welcome our newest band member…
Alison Jones on bass!!!

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CV: What do you see as being the biggest challenge for you as an artist with sustaining longevity in the music industry?

Bob Dee: Hi Cosmick View so great to be here. Thank you! The biggest challenge I had was touring overseas. My first tour of Japan, I had the challenge of getting my New York City band over to Japan, but with airline tickets, rooms, trains and travel expenses that were going to cost over 10 thousand dollars... I had to rethink touring, so I had the idea to use Japanese musicians... I reached out to my fans in Tokyo and asked who are the best musicians and biggest draw in Japan and they would give me names... I contacted Guitar player Tsutomu Fukui, drummer Satoshi Kamiegawa and Mark on bass. I just flew over with my guitar and it worked out so well! I do the same in Europe I have my band in Newcastle, Upon Tyne, in the UK, Ade, Norm and Paul... I ship my merch over and set up shop in countries around the world... It was a big challenge at first but I just repeat the same formula in every country.

CV: From your experience, what have you witnessed as the most significant change in music during the last 10 years?

BD: Great question... I see in the USA a big change in the rock arena genre... it seems like most sales are in hip-hop and pop here, but when I go overseas to Europe, Rock is alive and well... and Japan too! Most of my sales are overseas... I hope it will change but for now I am happy to fly around the world.


Photo by Scott Braun

Photo by Scott Braun

‘Killstar’ is already hitting UK rock radio! Some of the stations include radio legend Jackson Cooper, Dr John's Rock Surgery Radio Show, and DJ Andy John Bradford's Rock Radio Show. They also have new interviews in Metal Sludge (US), Powerplay (UK), and Fireworks (UK) which includes a free CD pullout of their first single "Fight." ‘Killstar’ is dedicated to all our fans around the world.

The band's previous album ‘Pretty Things’ was released worldwide August 1st, 2016 on AMG/SONY Records and includes songs that were featured on the hit reality TV show "Bondi Ink," which aired in over 30 countries. They released the single and video for "Socially Awkward" on September 6th, 2015 on AMG/Universal Records. 

The hit single received major airplay around the world… UK airplay includes: radio legend UK's Jackson Cooper show, Dr. Johns Rock Surgery Show, RockNAtion Radio, Kerrang Radio, Croydon Radio, James Whale show, Dunoon Radio, Tameside RAdio, Audio Grafiti, Brooklands Radio, and the DJ Yorkie show.

Photo by Scott Braun

Photo by Scott Braun

"Socially Awkward" also received a whopping 5,000 mobile app downloads within one week of its debut, making it the highest charting single of the band's career. And, the video was picked up by Zoom Media and placed in heavy rotation throughout 5,000 major gyms in the United States.

Bob Dee has graced the pages of Japan’s number one rock magazine “Burrn,” RockHard (Italy), Rocknation,(US), Fireworks, (UK), UberRock,(UK), MelodicRock,(UK), Relix,(US), "Performing in Japan" by Duane Levi, (Japan), Hardrockhaven (US), Bravewords (US), Powerplay (UK), Highwire Daze (US), Metalville(UK), and The New York Times (US).

Petro's debut CD "Bullets and Bandaids" was released on America's biggest hard rock label Perris Records in 2005. Petro was featured in "Bands on the Rise" in Relix Magazine with the single "We Are Stars" as a CD pullout. Bob Dee with Petro is a charter member of "HorizonVUMusic," Paris, France where their video for "We Are Stars" premiered in Europe.

Masa Itoh, who is Japan’s Metal Guru of Burrn Magazine and the host of Rock The Nation radio
Has been quoted calling Dee “the next big thing." Bob Dee has recorded with legendary producer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple) at Metalworks studios in Toronto, Canada and at The Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN. Lips That Heal,” which was the 2013 single from ‘Burning Rain,’ was mixed by Eric Greedy (Kelly Clarkson, Smashing Pumpkins) in Los Angeles, CA. 

Film credits include: Jimmy Barnes ‘Lay Down Your Guns' and ‘Make It Last,’ both with Guns N’ Roses director Nigel Dick (Britney Spears, Oasis). ‘Beg Borrow & Steel Live at CBGB's’ by Lucas Films. ‘Outta My Face,’ directed by Malasian director MoMo, was featured as a top hit on Asian TV. Also two videos ‘We Are Stars’ and ‘Mother Says’ were released in Europe on HorizonVUMusic, Paris, France.

Prior to Bob Dee with Petro, Bob was the guitarist and founding member of RCA recording artists "Beg Borrow & Steel," who were signed by Joe Galante. Bob also signed a publishing deal with Famous/Paramount Music, and co-wrote "A Simple Heart" with Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, American Idol).

Bob Dee is endorsed by DR strings, Voodoo Amps, Zemaitis Guitars, and Namba Gear.

Bob Dee Interviews:

Bob Dee with Petro Band Members:

Bob Dee vocals - Guitar
TJ Jordan - Lead Guitar
Alison Jones - Bass Guitar
Scott Campbell - Drums

Official Video for Bob Dee with Petro "Fight" off the album "Killstar" Released by AMG/SONY Records Live at The Whisky A Go Go March 15, 2019 featuring: Bob Dee: vocals guitar, Ronny North: guitar, Liza Sanchez: bass and Jason Russo: drums, Special thank you to Alison Masson at MBM and Nate Dawson: guitar tech and ENuff Z'Nuff video:nicole Lemberg Buy the single: "Fight" Buy/Stream Spotify:

Bob Dee: New single “Fight” from the album ‘Killstar’ AMG/SONY Records Bob Dee, Brian Bauers, Scott Campbell.. video: Paul AT Kinson Bob Dee: Killstar AMG/SONY RECORDS BUY NOW!! ALBUM OUT NOW WORLDWIDE!!

Bob Dee - Killstar New Album available on AMG/SONY Records!

New single out now on AMG/Universal Records Buy it Now!! New Video:featuring Bob Dee, Directed by Michael D.

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