I Am Sapphire


Cold Blooded Sapphire released their debut album “I Am Sapphire” on November 15th, 2017. Cold Blooded Sapphire is a new hard rock band featuring Eliana Blanchard, Mark Matthews, Johnny Lee Middleton (Trans Siberian Orchestra/Savatage), Danny Elliott, TV Marcus, and Michael Gaudreau.  With a combination of seasoned rock veterans and young, fresh talent, Cold Blooded Sapphire explores a distinctive sonic landscape of metal, hard rock, and theatre of the mind lyricism.   

"I Am Sapphire" is a concept album about love, loss, pain, pleasure, perseverance, and redemption as seen through the eyes of Sapphire, the protagonist and lead vocalist.  She documents her dark journey through a surreal life by declaring her humanity, accepting her mistakes, baring her scars, and opening her heart to an unforgiving world.  Broken hearts, loneliness, fear, and anger permeate the dark side of her world. Faith, love, lust, joy, and fearlessness keep her alive and open to seeking peace. Some of her wounds are self inflicted and others are not.

Her narrative speaks of relentless resilience. She will rise. She will conquer. She will live in the dark.

Mark Matthews came up with the concept of Sapphire six or seven years ago. At the time, he felt the female rock audience was being underserved and marginalized by the state of popular culture. Over beers at a Mexican restaurant, Mark, Johnny Lee Middleton (TSO/Savatage), and Danny Elliott  agreed to pursue this project. Over the next five years they wrote, tracked, and mixed the concept album “I Am Sapphire.”

Mark explains that “The storyline centers on Sapphire (Eliana Blanchard) and her journey through life. The successes, failures, heartbreak, and triumph she encounters along the way. Our Los Angeles-based lyricist TV Marcus, was able to perfectly capture the moment in a meaningful way.” 

He continues, “The response has been overwhelming. As a band our goal is to begin to tour this upcoming summer. We’d really like to do the European festival circuit to maximize the exposure. We already have two more albums worth of material written and hope to begin production on a follow-up early next year. We hope 2018 is the year of Sapphire!”

Cold Blooded Sapphire have released three singles to date, including:

“I Am Sapphire”
“Girl Without a Face”
“Queen of Everything” 

Cold Blooded Sapphire Band Members:

Cold Blooded Sapphire is:
Eliana Blanchard – Lead & Background Vocals
Mark Matthews – Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocals
Johnny Lee Middleton –  Bass, Guitar, Iron, Bees
Michael Gaudreau – Guitar, Keyboards
Danny Elliott – Drums
TV Marcus – Words, Stunt Vocals, Darkness


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