Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Drummer Louis Schiavone and guitarist Jeff Baldonado formed War Within in 2011. Based out of the high desert in Southern CA, War Within created an entirely new sound based on their years of collective experience and diversified influences. They have become a driving force in the “metal” scene, and played all over the U.S. The band has been working hard in the studio on their debut album, which is due out late 2018/early 2019, and already have been played on Wadio, C4OC, and been featured on the Metal Babe Mayhem Monthly Playlist. Catch them at The Whisky December 28th with The BulletBoys if you’re in the Los Angeles area (See discount ticket information below).

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: Let’s begin by talking about how War Within formed. Louis and Jeff, how do you know each other, and what made you want to form War Within?

Louis Schiavone: Jeff and I met 20 plus years ago and became the best of friends. In 2001 we decided to put a band together. We started out playing covers and formed multiple bands over the years. At one point we realized that both of us have been musicians for most of our lives, and we should be playing our own music. With the addition of Mark, Craig, and Lloyd, we formed War Within.

Jeff Baldonado: I moved to Ontario from Hacienda Heights at the beginning of ‘93. By a fluke I started messing with a CB radio with no antenna. I hooked it up to a chain link fence to see if I could get it to work. Whether it did or not I don’t know, but Louis was on the other end. We’ve been friends and playing together ever since.

Metal Babe: That’s a great story. How did you find the other three guys?

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